Manufacturing concrete restoration solution and old concrete floors for use in industrial halls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. by Dasco research team

Sealing, leakage and protective coatings

The latest projects of sealing, leakage and protective coatings

Epoxy coulter coating of sewage treatment plant tanks, Tehran Oil Industry Research Institute
Improvement, restoration and anti-corrosion coating of water and sewage concrete tanks in Bushehr province

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project namesubjectproject site
Isfahan Steel IndustriesFixing the leakage of the body of the cooling tower of Isfahan Steel Industry fluid energy unit     Esfahan
Mubarake steel of IsfahanCarrying out the operation of removing the leakage and sealing the electricity tunnel of the casting unitEsfahan
Mubarake steel of IsfahanImplementation of mortar and heat-resistant coatingEsfahan
Star Oil RefinerySealing the fountainBandar Abbas
Bandar Lange hangarImplementation of thermal and moisture insulationHormozgan
3200 cubic meter tank project of Ibrahim Abad3200 cubic meter tank project of Mostafein FoundationKerman
Miane hospital elevatorSealing the Miane hospital elevator holeMiane
Moonlight projectRoof tilesTehran
Roofing elements sealing projectSealing the ceiling elements of the fish marketRamsar
Reconstruction of the facadeDemolition and reconstruction of the facade of the villaMotel Gho
Gelayol SquareSealing the facade of Gelayol Golsar squareRasht
The courtyard of the shrine of Hazrat Fatima (PBUH)Implementation of polyurea insulation on the concrete bridge of SahnNajaf Ashraf – Iraq
Golkhane website of Mustafafan FoundationRepair and sealing of 3200 cubic meter water tankIbrahim Abad, Kerman
Entrepreneur Bank – Niavaran – BukanPit drainage and sealing of foundation and basement floorsTehran
Entrepreneur Bank – Farmaniyeh – Bagh NazarPit drainage and sealing of foundation and basement floorsTehran
Oil Industry Research InstituteImplementation of epoxy coltar coating of sewage treatment plant tanksTehran
Water and sewage of Bushehr provinceImprovement, restoration and anti-corrosion coating of concrete sewage tanksBushehr
Amirul Mominin hospital treatment plantSealing and anti-corrosion coating of the sewage treatment tankArak
Qom Municipality – Behesht SakinehRepair and sealing of 300 cubic meter concrete water tanksQom
Bushehr Province Water and Wastewater AdministrationLeakage and sealing of Bushehr water pondsBushehr
Bushehr Port AdministrationRepair, sealing and leakage of concrete fire water tankBushehr
Water and sewage of Yazd provinceSealing concrete tanks of Yazd water supply pumping station 4Yazd
Water and sewage of Mazandaran provinceRenovation and sealing of the drinking water tank of Grok springNowshahr
Engineer Sharifi Nia’s residential projectSealing and sealing the elevator hole and pool engine roomTehran – in front of Niavaran Palace
Water and sewage of Mazandaran provinceSealing and sealing the drinking water tank of the city under waterZirab
Water company of Mazandaran provinceImproving and sealing the Balade water tankBalade
Refining House No. 2 Abfai TehranSealing between concrete slabs of sedimentation pondsTehran
Bushehr WatershedLeakage and prevention of penetration of underground water into Value PitBushehr
Central Province Water and Wastewater AdministrationSealing of drinking water tank in Ashtian cityArak
Al Mahdi Aluminum CompanyLeakage and sealing of the basement of the casting hall and under the casting furnacesHormozgan – Bandar Abbas
The Abfai of Bandar AnzaliSealing and leakage of aerated concrete tankKhammam
Arak Rural Water and Wastewater AdministrationSealing of drinking water tank in Hazar Abad Ashtian villageArak
Rural Water and Wastewater AdministrationSealing the aerial source of rural water and sewage in Gilan provinceRasht
Bushehr water and sewage departmentSealing the basin of the water department’s sewage transfer meterBushehr
Abfai ShirazWaterproofing, restoration and sealing of the concrete structures of the Shiraz city treatment plantShiraz
Karafarin BankSealing pit wallsTehran – Shariati
Qavamin BankSealing the walls of the negative floors of the central buildingTehran – Argentina
Tower H, TehranSealing the elevator holeTehran – Saadat Abad
Oil Industry Research InstituteRepairing and sealing of sewage treatment tanksTehran
South Pars Economic ZoneSealing and restoration of 180 manholes in Mahshahr regionRazi Petrochemical
PresidentPaving of the parking lot of Kausar buildingTehran – Pastor
Hepco Arak CoRepairing the floor of the heavy machinery production hallArak
Guilan slaughterhouseEpoxy flooring for the entire floor of the slaughterhouseRasht
Iran Khodro GilanFlooring of the main repair shopBandar Anzali
Iqbal construction clinicParking floor and warehouse areaTehran
Simco factoryRepairing the floor of the production hall of industrial electric cable reelsRasht
Azadi cinemaAnti-dandruff, facade protection and implementation of entrance ramp with hard flooringTehran – Abbas Abad St
ramek milkSubstructure and epoxy flooring of cheese and cream production hallShiraz
Middle East BankSealing and sealing the elevator pitTehran – Bukharest
Commercial residential engineer TavaklianDrainage, leakage and sealing of basement floorsTehran – Niavaran
Kausar Presidential BuildingWaterproofing and execution of parking lot epoxy concrete flooring       Tehran
Gilan steel complexSealing the wall of hot rolling shed of Gilan steel complexRasht
Cultural heritage of Golestan provinceSealing the shaft of Kavos domeGonbad city
Khazarshir Company – Beshel townSealing the pool and preventing the penetration of subsurface waterSari
Shir Ramek CoRestoration and flooring of the dairy production hallShiraz
Mehrsaz CoSealing the elevator holeRasht
Cultural heritage of Sistan and Baluchistan, Apadana companySealing and restoration of Hormozgan water millCultural heritage of Hormozgan
Safal Kabir YazdSealing the elevator pit and commercial building parking lotBushehr
Zalal Sanat CompanyRepairing concrete surfaces and connecting manhole partsTehran
The swimming pool of Tehran’s Inglaeb sports complexSealing the tiled pool without destructionTehran
Imam Tabriz Memorial Stadium of Saras CompanyRepair of concrete surfaces and implementation of elastic sealantTabriz
Basti townSealing and improvement of drinking water reservoirs in Basti town of LavasanLavasan
Qaim pipe manufacturing companySealing and chemical protection of concrete water pipesEsfahan
Karafarin BankImplementation of floor insulationTehran – Zafaranieh
Omid Commercial Tower 2Repairing and sealing the concrete floor of the parking lotTehran
Mashavareh Shahr Engineering CompanyRepair, sealing and leakage of MCC concrete structures of Al-Mahdi factoryBandar Abbas
Behzaz concrete baseSealing and sealing the foundation and wall of Elahia Twin TowersTehran
Dunya Mes CoWater tank sealing and leakage 20/000Kashan
The board of directors of the towerSealing the Negin tower elevator holeTehran – Elaheh
The board of directors of Bahman Yar buildingSealing and sealing and restoration of swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, Bahman Yar buildingTehran – Africa Blvd
Municipality of Region 13All tanks of 100, 200 and 300 cubic meters of drinking water in Sorkheh Hisar ParkTehran
Tara companyRepair and sealing of Pasdaran water tankBrazjan
Hepasco companyRepair and sealing of Pasdaran water tankTehran
Al-Mahdi Aluminum ComplexWaterproofing of the concrete structure of the electricity substation in 2000Bandar Abbas
Hepco companySealing tanks and pits of paint salons of Hepco Arak companyArak
Ibtikar Aluminum CoSealing of industrial wastewater tanks of Ibtikar Aluminum CompanyArak
Shazand MunicipalityWaterproofing the water features of Shazand cityArak
Natural resources of central provinceRestoration and restoration, administrative pillars of natural resourcesArak
Construction Jihad of Gilan ProvinceSealing of Shaheed Gadavar pool, Jihad SoznegiRasht
Marlik companyParking waterproofing of MRI institute of Marlik company (Pesheshkan building)Rasht
Eghtesad Novin BankImplementation of sealing and leakage of the elevator pit of New Economy BankRasht
Eghtesad Novin BankImplementation of sealing and leak-proofing of elevator pits of New Economy BankLahijan
Bushehr Azad UniversitySealing the roof of Bushehr Azad UniversityBushehr
Iran insuranceWaterproofing the floor of Iran insurance buildingBushehr
Rizan Steel CompanySealing and leakage of cool underground water tanksQom
Tehran Mehrabad Airport Pavilion buildingSilicate coating of the stone facade of Mehrabad Airport Pavilion buildingTehran
Alborz Kome – MICSealing and leakage of concrete reservoirs in Sad Khoda Afarin townTabriz
Azadi cinemaRestoration and modification of the flooring of halls 3 and 4Tehran
Bandar Imam PetrochemicalValvepit repair, leakage and sealingValvepit repair, leakage and sealing
Ahvaz pipe makingRepair, leakage and sealing of RMS concrete structureAhvaz
Shahid Montazer Ghaem power plantSealing and corrosion control of sewage pondsKaraj – Ferdis
Fajr PetrochemicalValvepit repair and sealingFajr Petrochemical

                                                                                               ((list of projects of insulation and insulating coatings))

Bushehr Municipality – Atomic Energy Site ParkReconstruction and implementation of colored insulation of the waterfall and the central fountainBushehr
Kados HotelRenovation and implementation of IPAPLAST moisture and thermal insulation façade coveringRasht
Malayer UniversityIsolation, moisture and thermal insulation of the dome of Jame MosqueMalayer
Cultural Heritage OrganizationIsolation covering the flexible facade of Iran hotelRasht
Housing and urban developmentIsolation and cladding of 192-unit Mehr Golsaran housing complexLangrod
Tehran subwayIsolation of the administrative building of Golshahr metroGolshahr station
Mapna companyIsolation of the side walls of the administrative building of Mapna companyTehran – Jordan
Meteorological OrganizationInsulation of the roof of all central meteorological officesAzadi Square
The threshold of Hazrat Masoumeh’s shrineIsolation of the gold dome of Hazrat MasoumehQom
Qom Advertising OrganizationIsolation of the Dome of the Advertising Organization of Qom ProvinceQom
Cultural heritage of BorujerdIsolation of the dome of Imam Boroujard mosqueBorujerd
Borujerd MunicipalityIsolation of Boroujerd Qiyam Maidan pondsBorujerd
Cultural heritage of BorujerdSeyed Boroujard mosque isolationBorujerd
Gilan Steel CompanyIsolation and cladding of the large guest house with 32 units of Foulad GilanRasht
Iran KhodroIsolation of Iran Khodro, Anzali RoadRasht – Anzali Road
Board of directors of primrose shampoo factoryInsulation and covering of the factory facadeSomeesara
Amir Kabir steelAmir Kabir steel facade insulationRasht
Bank MelliIsolation and facade covering of Melli BankKalachai and Rahim Abad
Siraf HotelInsulation and facade covering of Siraf HotelBushehr
religenous schoolIsolation and facade covering of Kazeroon seminaryCaseron
Friday prayer headquartersInsulation and facade covering of the Friday prayer headquarters shedBushehr
Gilan MasahCovering the facade of a 120-unit complexRasht – Kochsefahan
Construction Jihad of Gilan ProvinceSealing of Shahid Gadavar pool, Jihad construction of RashtRasht
Shariati Meli Bank of RashtWaterproofing of the roof of Meli Bank, Shariati branch, RashtRasht
Nagin company of Sharq provinceRoof insulation of Negin company of Sharq Province, IPAPLASTMashhad
Office of Imam FridayInsulation of the roof of Imam Juma’s office in Bushehr, IPAPLASTBushehr
Shazand Imran Effort CoIPAPLAST roof insulation of Shazand Omran effort companyShazand
Mahtaban Arak CoRoof insulation of Mahtaban Arak IPAPLAST companyArak
gas companyRoof insulation and facade covering of IPAPLAST gas company buildingBushehr
Sayeh Gostar CoIPAPLAST roof insulation and facade covering, Sayeh Gostar companyBushehr
White oyster companyIPAPLAST isolation and facade covering, Sadaf Sefid companyBushehr
Bushehr Radio and TelevisionBushehr sound and television facade insulation and coveringBushehr
Cultural Heritage Organization – Hotel IranReconstruction and implementation of IPAPLAST insulating facade coveringRasht
Bank DeyImplementation of IPA PLAST insulation coatingTehran – Takht Tavus
Malayer UniversityImplementation of polymer repair coating and moisture and thermal insulation of the dome of the Jame MosqueMalayer
Boali University of HamedanSealing and restoration of the concrete shell of the dome of Jame MosqueHamedan
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