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Polyurea flooring, protective coatings and waterproofing

The history of polyurethane coatings goes back to the end of 1930 and the discovery of diisocyanate addition polymerization by Autobayer and colleagues. This reaction became the key to the production of polyurethane and polyurea. Polyurethane, the result of this reaction, became the key to the production of urethane and polyurea.

Polyurethane is the result of exothermic reaction between di or polyisocyanate with compounds containing hydroxyl groups such as polyol. But most di or polyisocyanates can react much faster with compounds containing active hydrogen, such as amines. This reaction is the basis of the structural formation of polyurethane.

Since the presence of polyurea chain in many polyurethane products is not unpredictable due to the use of amines as chain extenders or resin components that are partially or completely substituted for polyol. The term (polyurethane) or (urethane) has been used to recommend all the polymers that are the result of di- or polyisocyanate reaction, including (polyurethane).

Therefore, the coating industry has not made a difference between isocyanate/amine and isocyanate-based coating products over the past years, and these coating systems have generally been known as polyurethane coatings. This debate continued until 1989, when the Texaco chemical company (Huntsman) released 100% solid sprayable polyurea elastomeric coatings based on polyether amine, Jeffamine, as a special product with great benefits and characteristics. Since then, 100% solid polyurea injection elastomer was accepted as a new advanced technology, and subsequently, the Polyurea Development Association (PDA) was established in 2000. According to the standards of this association, a product is called polyurea whose polyol hydrol content is not less than 80%. Therefore, between these two parameters, it is possible to have a polyurea/polyurethane hybrid system.

Polyurea is the latest technology in the world regarding flooring, protective coatings and moisture insulation with high durability and longevity. The resistance of this coating against acid corrosion, liquid penetration, environmental factors such as sunlight, acid rain, petroleum and chemical compounds has made this product known as the best protective coating in the world. This product is offered in two forms, cold polyurea (hybrid) and warm polyurea, and according to the desired specifications, time and speed of work, you can choose cold or warm polyurea. Cold polyurea can be applied with a roller, brush or airless machine, and hot polyurea can be applied with a two-part spraying machine containing a heating element.

Among the uses of this family of products can be roof moisture insulation, roof green space, sanitary services, bathrooms, swimming pools, etc. Implementation of anti-static flooring in military industries, power plants, etc., flooring of sports halls, meeting halls, shopping centers, warehouses, factories, parking lot flooring, etc.

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