Manufacturing concrete restoration solution and old concrete floors for use in industrial halls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. by Dasco research team

Concrete and mortar additive

With the increasing development of knowledge and technology, the construction chemical industry has been accompanied by innovation and progress in concrete additives, and the purchase of concrete additives by designers and executives for structural and decorative purposes has increased significantly. Based on this, these materials have been designed and produced to help reduce the costs of construction and implementation in civil projects by improving the characteristics and properties of fresh and hardened concrete.

According to the definition, concrete additives refer to materials that are used to adjust and modify the properties of fresh and hardened concrete. In general, with the proper use of additives, it is possible to improve the mechanical indicators and durability, ease and speed of implementation and ultimately reduce the costs. In many valid international standards and regulations, the necessity of using concrete additives has been proven, so that today the role of concrete additives in improving the quality and efficiency of concrete is obvious. The consumption of concrete additives in construction projects can be variable based on the type and application of additives and the environmental and operational conditions of concrete, and based on internal and external standards, the maximum percentage of concrete additives used is limited, which affects the production of quality concrete additives and its consumption. cares

Due to the variety and shortage of products in the market, Dasco company has taken advantage of the knowledge of international experts and the use of the world’s current knowledge to provide the latest products with nano technology in the field of producing special additives and with highly specialized technical knowledge in order to be able to Respond to the specialized needs of special projects with unusual conditions.

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