Manufacturing concrete restoration solution and old concrete floors for use in industrial halls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. by Dasco research team

Sealing and sealing structures

The development of increasing the scope of concrete application in the construction industry and increasing the expectations of designers and executives from concrete (in a structural and decorative role) has given importance and a special place to concrete additives due to their simultaneous effect on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete. According to the definitions, additives and chemical coatings of concrete refer to materials that are used to adjust and modify the properties of fresh and hardened concrete or to increase the durability and stability of old concrete.
In general, at the time of concreting, with the proper use of additives, it is possible to improve the mechanical indicators and durability, ease and speed of implementation, and ultimately reduce the costs. In many valid international standards and regulations, the necessity of using chemical additives in concrete has been proven.
At the same time, the initiative of engineers in the use of concrete chemical additives and the production of special concretes with different functional characteristics has been the main factor in motivating the compilers of regulations and standards with the aim of spreading knowledge and applying it.


The low quality of concrete structures that hold and transport liquids, as well as the penetration of water and corrosive sewage and environmental factors from positive and negative levels, are among the most important reasons for the destruction of these structures.
Repairing concrete surfaces in wet and dry environments, applying permanent sealing properties in the depth of existing concrete, preventing the continuation of corrosion caused in reinforcements and metal surfaces, as well as strengthening and repairing them using the products and implementation techniques of this company with the aim of durability and stability. And it is possible to reduce the future costs of projects.
Leakage of tanks full of water and fluids, clarifiers, water and sewage pipes without the need to drain water or sewage and completely stop the flow inside the pipes is one of the advantages of the products used by Dasco company in this field.
– Preventing the penetration of subsurface water and moisture into structures such as pits, elevators, pools, tunnels, parking lots, etc. on a permanent basis.
– Sealing, sealing and repairing all concrete structures of power plants, refineries, water and sewage, oil and gas and petrochemical

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