Manufacturing concrete restoration solution and old concrete floors for use in industrial halls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. by Dasco research team

Mastic and sealant

Engineers, designers and expert executives have always paid special attention to the issue of choosing the right materials and materials for filling the expansion joints of the structure and they consider this important from several dimensions, such as ensuring the performance of the filling materials is completely proportionate and compatible with the structural behavior. Ensuring complete sealing and impermeability of joints, maintaining long-term properties and durability after implementation and meeting health and environmental requirements in applications such as water and sewage structures. Using the latest Europa 2023 standards, Danesh Banyan Dasco has designed and produced a new type of elastic material based on acrylate resin and as a single component.

Elasto Seal is a powerful type of new generation single-component elastomers for filling seams, which after being applied in the place of expansion joints and Junes, after coming into contact with air moisture, it has become a flexible solid state with very high elasticity, which is durable and qualitatively stable in harsh conditions. The environment will be equal to the lifetime of the concrete structure.

The hardness of SHORE A of this product is in accordance with ASTM D2240 standard, which, along with the appropriate modulus of elasticity and necessary tensile strength, makes it have high damping properties against all kinds of stress, and due to the occurrence of earthquakes and possible landslides, relying on its elasticity properties, it is very It has to keep the sections sealed and comply with the items contained in the publication 123 of the country’s management and planning organization. Also, this type of sealant has joint movement in accordance with ASTM C719 standard. If the rate of movement change of thermoplastic sealants such as bituminous sealants is very limited and also their reversibility property is insignificant compared to Elasto Seal elastomer.

Among the features of this product are extremely high adhesion without the need for primer to all kinds of wet and dry building materials such as concrete, stone, all kinds of metals, etc., high elongation percentage up to 1300%, maintaining flexibility in high heat and Frost resistance, resistance to environmental factors, resistance to sunlight, dyeability with all kinds of water-soluble dyes, non-shrinkage and non-toxicity, and as a result, it can be used in the vicinity of drinking water.

Elasto Seal can be used for sealing expansion joints and joints, sealing all types of joints in structures such as dams and power plants, bridges and piers, cooling towers, tunnels and water transmission lines, water and sewage treatment plants, tanks. Drinking water and septic tanks, manholes and velopites, as well as sealing pipes and prefabricated parts. Elasto Seal is preferable to other polyurethane, polysulfide, silicone and bituminous sealants in terms of superiority in quality properties.

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