Manufacturing concrete restoration solution and old concrete floors for use in industrial halls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. by Dasco research team

Glazing and brightening of concrete floors

The most sustainable and cost-effective method of renovation, construction and implementation of flooring is to convert the existing concrete surface or new concrete into a hard, impermeable, insulating concrete with high abrasion resistance and no dust generation, which is achieved by applying Penolit product on the surface. Concrete can be used to create surfaces with eye-catching gloss and beauty, lasting for at least 20 years, and very cost-effective compared to polymer flooring such as epoxy, polyurethane, etc. Other uses of this group of concrete hardening products include curing concrete, increasing compressive strength and surface abrasion hardness, anti-dandruff and permanent penetrating sealant resistant to negative pressure.

Floors of warehouses, halls, commercial centers, floors of parking lots, restaurants and stores are among the cases of Penolit surface hardening.

Today, the use of concrete as a hard flooring with high mechanical resistance has many advantages, but it often faces the problem of durability and stability due to its permeability and weakness against wear. The permeability of concrete against water, oil and other solvents, as well as freezing, the creation of dander or dust on the surface of the floor, will lead to lack of beauty and the creation of an unsanitary environment.

Old concretes often have hairline cracks or have multiple and different opening depths and widths, and sometimes fractures or holes have appeared on their surface with different shapes, which is very important to correct and smooth the surface.

In this regard, the invention of a two-part repair solution with the ability to be applied on all dry and wet concrete surfaces and with a compressive strength of about 45Mp and non-flammability in the event of a fire (suitable for warehouses and producers of chemical industries) will repair and correct all existing problems. and in a very short time and by spending very little money, old and used concrete floors can be restored and used again.

Considering the use of polymer floorings such as epoxy, polyurethane, etc. in some industries and the damage done on the surface of this family of floorings, its replacement with the use of repair solution and concrete glazing is the most appropriate and economical. It is a method.

The floor of the production hall of car parts, steel production, stone and ceramic industries, the floor of cold stores and warehouses of flammable raw materials, etc. are among the cases of use or replacement with glazing.

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