Manufacturing concrete restoration solution and old concrete floors for use in industrial halls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. by Dasco research team

Nano Silicates - Permanent Protecting Products

These transparent, colorless and odorless liquid products are water-based, which by penetrating deep into the layers, in addition to maintaining breathability and removing existing moisture and filling the internal capillary cracks from the penetration of moisture and environmental pollutants inside And they prevent dandruff.

Not creating a layer, not affecting the glossiness or dullness of the surface, applying the surface’s self-cleaning property, durability and permanent stability, the ability to apply in humid environments, resistance to negative pressures, increasing wear and pressure resistance, preventing the penetration of chlorine ions and gases and Disruptive ions into the structure, resistance to sunlight, cold and frost are among the advantages of these products.
Applying permanent sealing properties on all building materials, including stone, brick, clay, concrete, plaster, straw, etc., and preventing the growth of fungi and plants on the facades of buildings, drying the plaster of the walls, and preventing peeling of the surface paint.
Isolation of the tiled surfaces of toilets, bathrooms, swimming pools, domes of mosques, etc., without the need to destroy the surface and not create a layer
Protecting the historical building from the infiltration of damp and moisture without affecting the external structure and the absence of destructive reactions, removing dander and pollutants that have penetrated into the material for a long time, drying the damp and moisture in the deep layers of the buildings and …
Preventing scaling of brick and stone facades and removing existing scaling by applying permanent sealing and protection properties.
Applying polishing coatings on surfaces with the aim of creating sealing properties and high resistance to atmospheric and environmental conditions, sunlight, etc., and self-cleaning and anti-staining properties
Sealing of wood and wooden products used in the doors of toilets, saunas, parquet, fences, statues, etc., in order not to change the shape and also to prevent peeling of the color and penetration of vermin into the wood texture.
Permanent moisture insulation of the wood used in facades and wet and humid environments with complete stability against sunlight and different weather conditions.
Paint primer and epoxy and polyurethane coatings in wet environments and increase adhesion to the surface up to 300%
Preventing flaking and separation of polymer coatings from wet or subsurface gas (steam) pressure
Increasing the surface resistance of existing concrete up to 300% and preventing the penetration of water and surface pollutants in the floor
The possibility of using Russian wood instead of thermo wood in facades and humid environments
Permanent protection of the floor and facade surfaces against damp and moisture, dandruff and penetration of fat and oil
Certified by Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization

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تاییدیه سازمان هوافضا
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