Manufacturing concrete restoration solution and old concrete floors for use in industrial halls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. by Dasco research team

About Dasco Engineering Company

Dasco was established in 2013 with an innovative vision and relying on proven knowledge and successful global experiences with the aim of providing the best modern engineering products and services, and from the beginning of its formation, it has been focusing on research in the construction industry and differentiating strategic products to exchange experiences. Transferring production technology and obtaining representation from the most prestigious brands and companies in the world in order to provide quality and reliable engineering services to the employers of prestigious projects in the country. More than a decade of gaining experience and providing consulting or operational management of various projects along with the knowledge of the real needs of the industry and the market and a deep understanding of the expectations of respected employers, the pioneer of Dasco in entering and consolidating its position in specialized fields, registering numerous national and international patents which is the result of achieving an exclusive position with premium services and stable competitive advantages. The standard approach and certification of the establishment of management systems to ensure the quality of services 2015: 9001, as well as the production in harmony with the environment, the use of minerals compatible with nature, is the basis for obtaining international standards for Dasco, and this company is proud to be the owner of the privilege of inventing technical equipment in order to To produce green and environmentally friendly products in the country.

Since 2018, Dezhabsang Engineering Company has been among knowledge-based companies and institutions. A knowledge-based company is a company with a high level of product and service technology, as well as sufficient mastery of technical knowledge to produce quality products. The working group to evaluate and recognize the competence of knowledge-based companies under the supervision of the vice president of science and technology, after examining and studying the level of technology, the state of production of goods, services and the company’s mastery of technical knowledge, issues the certificate of a knowledge-based industrial company. that these companies work to increase science and wealth, economic development, realize scientific goals in line with the expansion of innovation, and finally commercialize the results of their research and development, in the field of superior technologies, in order to achieve the following goals:

. Commercialization of scientific findings. Creating grounds for using the scientific foundation of the university and research units and university faculty members at the community level. Encouraging the academic community and scientific personalities to participate in activities to meet the needs of the society and the possibility of creating and increasing income for scientific personalities and respected members of the academic staff of universities.

Now that with the grace of God and the efforts and perseverance of the members of this group, we have succeeded in finding our way to the highest level of knowledge-oriented companies and being selected as a knowledge-based company, we have made increasing the quality of services and products more than ever before in our future activities so that we can International and foreign markets also provide reasons for the pride of our beloved country.

Dasco’s cooperation with the Nano Headquarters of the Scientific and Technological Vice-Chancellors of the Presidency has started in obtaining approvals for nano-ceramic radiant paint products, hardening primers for glazing of concrete floors and ultra-lightweight porous concrete, and we will see the results of this joint cooperation in the very near future. Was . The introduction of these products in the construction market has resulted in a significant reduction in construction costs, increased durability and longevity of buildings, as well as reduced risk taking during an earthquake, and due to an increase in the amount of insulation of buildings against sound, heat and moisture, up to 40% of The amount of energy consumption is also reduced.

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