Manufacturing concrete restoration solution and old concrete floors for use in industrial halls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. by Dasco research team

Repair, strengthen and improve

Choosing the restoration method in concrete structures always requires the use of knowledge, experience and expertise, as well as the use of standard methods and quality restoration materials. The lack of correct application of any of the above-mentioned cases has led to the lack of effectiveness of the restoration operation, and in some cases, not only the condition of the structure does not improve after the restoration, but the deterioration process is accelerated. In order to prevent this, a set of international standards for restoration materials and standard methods for repairing concrete structures has been presented. Danesh Banyan Dasco Company, relying and emphasizing on this set of standards and using expertise and experience, has provided all kinds of restoration materials with cement, cement-polymer and polymer foundations for structural and non-structural restoration operations.
Destruction of concrete coating and reinforcements in concrete structures due to chloride and carbonation corrosion in different atmospheric and environmental conditions along with the penetration of moisture and environmental pollutants as well as free ions on the adjacent surfaces of the structures or wear resulting from traffic and impact of objects It is accepted that its repair and modification in dry, wet or even underwater environments such as docks is of great importance.
– Planting of reinforcement in order to strengthen or add structural elements to the existing building with the ability to apply on wet and dry surfaces, increasing tensile strength and … very high adhesion to the walls is done with the purpose of strengthening.
– The infiltration of dampness and humidity resulting from soil breathing into the interior through the surrounding walls or concrete floors causes unpleasant odors, the growth of fungi and bacteria, and as a result, the lack of good quality of the space, and in some cases, the increase in steam pressure also causes the separation of flooring and joinery. is done
– There are various and different methods regarding the optimization and reconstruction of structural elements, the use of quality reinforcement and protection products matching the current standards will increase the durability and stability of operations and reduce future costs.

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