Manufacturing concrete restoration solution and old concrete floors for use in industrial halls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. by Dasco research team

Radiant nano ceramic facade paint ICE PAINT

A single-component, water-based product including rubber acrylate copolymers and heat-resistant nano ceramic fillers, which can be applied by brush or spray, which is applied to the facade of buildings to resist the absorption of radiant heat from sunlight.

Temperature resistance of +180 to -35 degrees Celsius, non-absorption of environmental pollution, ease of washing, high adhesion to all cement, plaster, concrete, wood, metal and galvanized surfaces, as well as elasticity up to 150% are the features of this product.

Covering facades of buildings in tropical and desert areas, facades of buildings in humid and rainy areas, side walls, radiant coating of coolers and liquid tanks in open spaces, etc. are among the main uses of this product.

Reducing the amount of energy consumption by 40%, reducing the temperature of urban areas and, as a result, reducing the amount of CO2 produced to supply the desired fossil energy to provide cooling of spaces is one of the most important reasons for the need of today’s society to replace and use this technological product.

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