Manufacturing concrete restoration solution and old concrete floors for use in industrial halls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. by Dasco research team

“Leakage and sealing of the negative floors of Darband Hall in Tehran

A concrete structure with an area of approximately 4000 square meters on 4 negative floors, has leakage and the entry of underground water due to the location of the structure and being located in the Alborz mountain range, water from melting snow and seasonal rainwater seeps into the walls and floor. that the installation of drainage wells inside the foundation radius structure has minimized water infiltration from the floor, but the infiltration from the walls in the floors is quite evident and in some places it is accompanied by flow.

Applying Penetron Slurry permanent sealant on the entire surface of the walls and injecting IPAcryl Gel, IPA PUR VM 1K materials from the junction of the walls with the floor will also cut off the infiltration flow and completely seal the junction of the roof and the walls and prevent water from penetrating inside. .

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