Manufacturing concrete restoration solution and old concrete floors for use in industrial halls, parking lots, warehouses, etc. by Dasco research team

Dezhab Sang Eng.(DASCO) is Leading Company who invented Turbolent Mixer and inductive type for New generation of Cellular Light Concrete, chemical additives Replacing foaming agents with special formulation in Iran to produce Non Autoclaved Structural Cellular concrete .

Dezh Beton is new generation of CLC with 150-300kg/m3 for the first time in the world to Replace Normal thermal insulating Materials like Polyurethame, stone wool,…..using in partitions as Kanauf walls.






Cellular concrete, in use since the 1950s in the USA and Europe ,is a fluid, lightweight concrete containing air particles, which are evently distributed in the mix as a foam, made by a foaming agent or can made in turbulent Anionic type.

Introducing air microbubbles in the cement mix provides the finished product with excellent heat and sound insulation properties.

The agent mixed with water, cement and/or sand in predetermined proportions, is adeal for a wide range of uses, such as the foundations of floors in a varirty of densities(from roads to sloping terraces) and non-autoclaved building blocks of different sizes and densities.

Contless advantages

– Fire resistance.

– Excellent thermal insulation.

– Excellent sound insulation.

– Extremely fast and clean placing: lower labor costs.

– Extremely easy placing and laying out of construction sites.

– Extraordinary energy savings in the production.

– Extremely versatile system.

– Excellent combination of light weight and bearing capacity.

– Energy savings on heating and air conditioning(higher living comfort).

– Unparalleled quality-price ratio.

– If cast on site, lower transport costs and less pollution.

– High dimensional precision.

– Joints mean saving on glues, mortar and time.

– Optimum dry surface finish and therefore saving on plaster.

– Possibility to produce a block with antiseismic features.


Dezhab Sang Eng.Co. producing Machineries and equipments of CLC Blocks, Pannels ,Precast partitions and portable Turbulent Mixers for Cast in floor leveing, Roof Layout….. Slope,….. with minimum investment.

Designing of Producing Line in all range of capacities from 10-300 m3/day, Consulting in formulation, laboratory test with new standards are CLC Proffessional Services for clients.

We also present Chemichal additives,CLC Block adhesive, waterproofing Coating frame works, cutting machines complete CLC Batching Line with the last technologies.


The necessary energy for the production is one the most important requirements requested to an eco-friendly material. And, below this aspect, cellular has no equal.

The Energy Return on Energy Investment (EnROEI), the most efficient use of Energy is the value which marks DASCO technology from all the other alternatives.

To produce building materials, it is extremely important to use as few natural resources as possible and especially to save fossil fuels.

A comparison with similar products usually available on the market gives an outstanding result for DASCO blocks and leaves no doubts about their superiority, both for the energy consumption to produce them and for the use of eco-friendly materials (cement, sand, water and chemical additives).


The inert materials and the energy used to produce Dezh Blocks (see tables above) are completely natural, used in moderate quantities and without any kind of fuel for autoclaves or other systems. This is because the energy for the curing is provided by the heat from the hydration of cement and special chemical additives.




ISOLTECH technology is a building technology and not a specific material. Different possible materials can be used. Although previously selected and evaluated by Isoltech laboratory, the final mechanical characteristics are strongly influenced by the original raw materials. The data listed here are so conservative and indicative and can be easily improved.

Isoltech, for its part, has an enviable experience, to get from raw materials provided, the best possible performance.


Density: kg/m3 Cement : kg Sand : kg Water: lt C500: kg
200 100 ———- 100 1.5
300 270 ———- 120 1.2
400 300 60 100 1.1
500 250 150 100 1
600 310 210 110 0,93
700 340 290 110 0,90
800 350 370 120 0,80
900 350 470 140 0,75

– Theoretical, approximate values



Isoltech non-autoclaved cellular concrete blocks fulfill the requirements of mechanical resistance.

The table below shows the already excellent mechanical strength, further improved by the Isoltech sophisticated technology, which uses where appropriate, special systems mixing and peculiar incremental additives of mechanical strength, specifically formulated.

Density : kg/m3

Mechanical Resistance : N/mm2

500 1,3
570 1,5
600 2,0
700 2,5
800 3,0
900 3,7

Theoretical, approximate values



The Italian legislative decree of 29/12/2006, transposition of the Directive 2002/91/EC on energy performance, introduces the concept of integrated calculation of the energy performances of building. In particular, the following requirements must be met:
  1. 1. The calculation of the energy performance index for winter conditioning (EP) and the testing of conformance with the values reported in Annex C, point 1.

  2. 2. The transmittance values of the vertical, horizontal and tilted opaque components(all types of building) that surround the building shall not exceed by over 30% the values reported in the table mentioned in the points 2,3,4 of Annex C. If the radiations =>290 W/m2 on the horizontal plane (except Zone F and categories E6 and E8), the surface mass of the vertical, horizontal and tilted opaque walls must be higher than 230kg/m2.

The following table reports the energy classification in Italy, divided into 6 zones (for vertical opaque components) and the U values of blocks with different thicknesses. With a density of 600 kg/m3, Isoltech solution already exceeds the requirements of the energy consumption regulation in force from 2010.

U values (W/m2k) of Isocem S/B blocks

  2008 2010 Thickness “U” values
A 0,72 0,62 Cm20 0,50
B 0,54 0,48 Cm20+5 0,35
C 0,46 0,40 Cm30 0,34
D 0,40 0,36 Cm30 0,34
E 0,37 0,34 Cm30 0,34
F 0,35 0,33 Cm30+5 0,27
      Cm40 0,26
      Cm40+5 0,22

The energy certification of buildings has a section for the heat insulation class and another for the quality of energy-efficient systems. Therefore it provides the buyer with information about the energy performance and the degree of efficiency of houses and other buildings, and it increases the market value of the property. Since July1st, 2009every building must have a Certificate of energy efficiency and comply with the regulations for the area it belongs to.

From the table below, we draw the elements to see the formidable thermal performance of cellular concrete. In addition, the high thermal inertia due to the considerable mass gives comfortable living even in structures in warm places for the favorable moving of the heat from 10 to16hours.

Density : kg/m3 Insulation Kcal/m2/h/C
500 0,11
570 0,117
600 0,12
700 0,21
800 0,24
900 0,28
1000 0,31
1200 0,38




Cellular concrete offers extraordinary sound absorption. Buildings made with blocks of cellular concrete meet legal requirements regarding sound insulation. Blocks for partitioning or infilling (40*20*20) have particular sound insulation properties.With a much higher density(800-1200/kg/m3)-when heat insulation is not needed-their sound insulation improves.

Density : kg/m3 Insulation dB
500 40
570 43
600 45
700 47
800 49
1000 52
1200 54


During maintenance, cellular concrete does not release toxic substances and its environmental compatibility is second only to that of wood. As a comparison, the coefficient of environmental compatibility of cellular concrete is 2;that of wood is1,that of bricks is 10and that of blocks of expanded clay is 20.Cellular concrete helps to create a microclimate(like in a wooden house). The resulting energy savings create a reduction of heating and air conditioning costs of up to 30%.




Blocks of Isoitech building system can be produced in the following dimensions.

Length Height Width
400/500/600 200 100
400/500/600 200 150
400/500/600 200 200

The dimensions can be realized with just one mould, with variable dimensions.

Length Height Width
400/500/600 200 250
400/500/600 200 300
400/500/600 200 350
400/500/600 200 400
400/500/600 200 450

To improve the handling of blocks, particularly bulky, we have introduced handles.


Also special pieces are available:

Raceway block for vaults with the following dimensions:

Length Height Width
400/500/600 200 250
400/500/600 200 300
400/500/600 200 350
400/500/600 200 400
400/500/600 200 450

Perforated blocks for vertical structures with the following dimensions:

Length Height Width
400/500/600 200 250
400/500/600 200 300
400/500/600 200 350
400/500/600 200 400
400/500/600 200 450

NB: More the block is bigger, more you amortize the cost of the mould. The cheapest configuration is that of a single. Larger block size. Such as 60*20*45.

All blocks or Pannels must be walled with glue with a thin thickness, made from a special adhesive IPANEX mixed with cement, sand and water in proper proportions.

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