Anti-acid flooring and coatings


Silica Mortar

Two-component mortar based on mineral powders and silicate liquid with very high chemical resistance, suitable for highly corrosive surfaces and can be applied on wet and humid surfaces.

Application: crown of sewage pipes and surfaces in direct contact with gases such as H2S

Crown dryers, surfaces of refineries and in contact with oil, petroleum derivatives


A two-component liquid polymer product with the ability to be converted into mortar with very high adhesion to all metal and concrete surfaces in order to seal and prevent corrosion and the effect of all chemicals and destructive substances such as: acid and base, phenol, oil and fuel and all free ions and Temperature resistance up to 300 degrees Celsius

Application: sewage treatment plants and industrial effluents, oil and grease separators, digesters and all tanks, pipes and surfaces in contact with sewage, corrosive substances and biogenic gases.


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