Grout, tile adhesive and bonding powder


Grout G1

It is a ready-made mortar based on cement with very high strength and controlled expansion, which is used to fill holes and empty space under base plates, grout under the plate of the foundation column of heavy machinery, fixing prefabricated parts, etc.

Tile Grout P1

Powder glue includes cement, mineral powders and various polymers, which are used to stick stone, stone slabs, porcelain tiles and ceramics on cement or plaster substrates, etc. on floor and wall surfaces.

Joint Fixer

A one-component cement-based product with fine aggregates, polymer materials and beneficial chemical compounds designed for bonding tiles, ceramics, stone, etc. This product contains cement, suitable aggregates, powdered polymers, thickeners and mineral additives, which creates a strong mixed adhesive of cement and powdered resins with suitable consistency when in contact with water. Also, due to the presence of special adhesives, the product is optimally flexible and anti-crack.


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