Sealing mastic


Elasto Cryl H1

Super elastic sealant mastic

ElastoCryl H1 is a one-component water-based paste containing rubber resin and mineral nanoparticles, which has a very high adhesion to the surface of concrete, metal, stone, glass, etc.

Adhesion ability on semi-wet surfaces and no need for primer are among the advantages of Elasto Cryl H1 over polyurethane mastics. Due to its ideal mechanical and chemical properties, this product is suitable for all surfaces exposed to contact with chemicals (bases and mineral acids), most solvents, diesel, gasoline, water, sewage, oils and salts in all weather conditions. Direct sunlight is used.

ElastoCryl H1 is used to fill all construction seams such as seams around windows, where walls meet, around shoe racks, concrete seams and cement mortars on floors and walls, etc. and also as a flexible waterproof adhesive for gluing all construction materials.


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