Permanent protective nano-infiltrators



Penetration Internal Membrane

Nano-silicate liquid with very low viscosity and water-based penetration power up to 12 mm from the surface, to prevent scaling, remove damp and moisture on the surface of materials, apply permanent internal sealing properties, deal with positive and negative pressures, increase resistance Chemicals and resistant to the penetration of chlorine ions in alkaline environments and adjacent to the sea, without layer formation and color change.

PIM+ TypeS

Penetration Internal Membrane

Nanosilicate base water liquid with the ability to penetrate up to 30 mm in concrete surfaces and with the property of removing and directing existing salts to the surface, applying permanent internal sealing and dealing with the positive and negative pressures of moisture and humidity and significantly reducing the exchange of subsurface vapors and protecting Epoxy and polyurethane floor coverings in hot and humid areas without changing color and creating a layer. Preventing carbonation corrosion of concrete and significantly reducing hairline cracks and…


Penetration Top Sealer

Water-based nanosilicate liquid with a maximum penetration of 8 mm, a surface sealant with the property of removing water absorption of materials and scaling and preventing the penetration of moisture and environmental pollutants on the surface without creating a layer and changing the color and glossiness or dullness on the surface.


Penetrating water-based nanosilicate liquid with the property of creating permanent sealing and protection and preventing the change of shape of wood and all wood derivatives. Wood primer in wet and open environments with complete resistance to sunlight

The possibility of using Russian wood instead of thermowood in facades and humid environments


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