AiroPlast temperature insulation paint


Airo Plast

A single-component, water-based product including rubber acrylate copolymers and heat-resistant nano ceramic fillers, which can be applied by brush or spray, which is applied in order to make the surface resistant to temperature transfer.

  • Temperature resistance from +180 to -35 degrees Celsius, high adhesion to all cement, plaster, concrete, wood, metal and galvanized surfaces.
  • Insulation and complete resistance to the temperature of the fluids inside the tanks and utility pipes, as well as the cold in the cold stores
  • Insulation and prevention of energy wastage in hot and cold seasons of the building facades in hot and cold areas
  • This product is still used in the reconstruction of the roof sheets of industrial sheds, which can be used as thermal insulation on the roof or under it to replace traditional or expensive thermal insulation.


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