Repair, sealing and leakage


 Slurry DS

Silicate cement-based powder for sealing positive surfaces and penetrating into the surface of concrete and mineral materials

Application: sealing of swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzis, etc., the possibility of directly applying tiles on its surface without the need for chicken netting.

 Slurry Penetron

Powder based on cement and silicate for sealing from positive and negative surfaces with the ability to penetrate deep into the concrete and remove existing scales and sulfates and capillary cracks in it and apply a conscious sealing system inside the concrete.

With the ability to directly apply tiles or stones on it

Certification: drinking water certification from Iran and Germany

Application: drinking water tanks, aquatic breeding ponds, elevator pits, canals and all concrete structures and cement and mineral surfaces.

Slurry  White

Cement and silicate-based powder for sealing the positive and negative surfaces of cement, plaster, asbestos, stone mortar, etc. and creating a beautiful and decorative appearance

Application: swimming pool, water feature, canal and facade surfaces of buildings

Area plug

Cement-based powder with a reaction speed of about 10 seconds to seal surfaces that are leaking water

Application: Reservoirs, channels, underground structures, tunnels, dams, and all leaking surfaces.

Stop Mortar

Cement-based powder for making mortar with a reaction speed of 10-20 seconds to prevent water from continuing to escape from the holes and ducts on the surface.

Application: body of dams, water and liquid storage tanks, tunnels

Slurry HS

Cement-based powder for sealing surfaces with the property of penetrating deep into the material and creating resistance to corrosion and destruction by biogenic gases PH > 3 according to DIN 1164 standard

Application: Water and wastewater storage and transfer structures, clarifiers sedimentation ponds, dryers, septic manholes. Valve pit

 Flexible Slurry

A two-component product based on cement and containing flexible resin rubber and liquid silicate in order to seal the positive and negative surfaces of all internal and external surfaces with proper elasticity and filling seams and cracks.

Application: inside toilets and bathrooms, floors of balconies, roofs and green spaces of buildings and all levels of soldiers

Rapid Mortar

One-component repair mortar without shrinkage based on cement, with a very high setting speed, suitable for wet and humid environments and use after 30 minutes, with a 28-day compressive strength of about 520 kg/cm3

Application: restoration of damp and wet surfaces and in environments in direct contact with sewage and chemicals


2-part epoxy resin, for sealing and increasing the chemical resistance of metal and concrete surfaces, with the ability to be applied in wet and dry environments and as a primer for epoxy coatings in wet and wet areas.

With drinking water approval

Application: inner coating of drinking water tanks and fish and aquatic breeding ponds, transparent protective coating of all concrete, metal, wooden surfaces, etc.


One-component repair mortar without shrinkage based on cement with very high adhesion, suitable for concrete and mineral surfaces with the ability to be applied in very low and high thicknesses in one step and accepting color layers

Application: restoration of cement and mineral surfaces, staining of surfaces, preparation of surfaces for applying colored layers, etc.


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